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In honor of your trip :)

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pretty much my blog , in a single post.

Holy are you Father a love like no other So vast like the universe is your love

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Amen :-)

Amen :-)

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30 Days of Lily and James

Day 1: Favorite Book Moment

“And,” said Harry doggedly, determined to say everything that was on his mind now he was here, “he kept looking over at the girls by the lake, hoping they were watching him!”

“Oh well, he always made a fool of himself whenever Lily was around,” said Sirius, shrugging. “He couldn’t stop himself showing off whenever he got near her.”
“How come she married him?” Harry asked miserably, “She hated him!”
“Nah, she didn’t,” said Sirius.
“She started going out with him in seventh year,” said Lupin.
“Once James had deflated his head a bit,” said Sirius.
“And stopped hexing people for the fun of it,” said Lupin.

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The Adventures of Joanna and India
All children grow up...except us!



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